Monacor MHU-60R

modulové | Kód: 0370960

Mini computer master clock

Mini computer master clock,
for 482 mm (19", 1 RS) rack installation.
  • Slave clock line/line voltage: 1 slave clock line for polarised minute pulses, half-minute pulses or second pulses DC 24 V/ DC 12 V, selectable or MOBALine
  • Line current/number of slave clocks to be connected (with a current of 6 mA per clock): 100 mA, short-circuit proof, 16 slave clocks (pulse or MOBALine)
  • Length of pulse/pulse pause, minute pulse or half-minute pulse: 1.5 s/1.5 s
  • Programmable length of pulse/pulse pause, second pulse: 0.3 s/0.2 s
  • In case of mains failure: programmable data backup for approx. 5 years due to lithium button cell
  • Display: two-line LCD with 2 x 16 characters, alphanumeric
  • Operation control via 6 push-buttons
  • Supply voltage/power consumption: ˜ 230 V/50 Hz/approx. 20 VA, with DC power supply (instead of mains supply): DC 12/24 V/approx. 40 mA
  • Quartz-based accuracy: ± 0.1 s per day, (with approx. 20 °C); with radio control: ± 20 ms (time synchronisation optionally via external DCF77 wireless receiver or via GPS receiver)
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C to +70 °C, 95% max. relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Circuit: floating make contact: ˜ 250 V/6 A, 1,500 VA (on, off, signal)
  • Switching program/programming: 100 weekly programs with up to 1,000 programming lines, channel programming (date-dependent, yearly programming), DC output: 12 V or 24 V, 200 mA max.
  • Special features: astronomical calendar, manual control, timer function, public holiday calendar

Description: mini computer master clock
Nominal value: 482 mm (19", 1 RS) rack installation
Power supply: ˜ 230 V/50 Hz/approx. 20 VA or DC 12/24  V/approx. 40 mA
Admiss. ambient temp.: -30 °C to +70 °C
Dimensions: 483 x 44 x 125 mm (1 RS)
Weight: 1.5 kg
Packing unit: 1

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